Crops doused with cancer-causing herbicide wrecking human health


The world was shocked when they learned about how Monsanto, an agrichemical and biotech giant, lied upfront about the safety of RoundUp herbicide. RoundUp is widely used around the world and is generously applied on genetically engineered crops.

RoundUp was advertised as biodegradable and eco-friendly, but little did we know that Monsanto had secret toxicology studies on glyphosate, the active ingredient of RoundUp. It turned out that glyphosate poses a grave threat to human health. Studies have shown that it in fact causes cancer and may be attributed with the development of multiple chronic diseases.

Monsanto hid these facts from the public for four decades. In fact, according to GMWatch, quoting a new research paper on glyphosate:

[T]o create doubt and obscure the statistical significance of inconvenient findings, which may have prevented product registration”, Monsanto introduced irrelevant historical control data from other experiments. This is data from the control animals in other unrelated experiments, which may have been carried out under widely differing conditions.

The authors of this paper, Drs. Anthony Samsel and Stephanie Seneff, wrote:

Using these deviations effectively neutralized the inconvenient results and thus allowed the product to be brought to market. Had they not engaged in this deception, glyphosate may never have been registered for use.

GMO opponents and health and environment experts globally now have more reasons to oppose genetically engineered crops with this new development.


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