Are you digging your grave with your fork?

The average funeral, including the casket, vault, burial plot, tombstone, ceremony, chapel, minister or rabbi, limousine and other extemporaneous costs can easily run $12,000 to $15,000, but how much did the poisonous food cost that got you there?

Most Americans severely underestimate the insidious power of today’s food toxins to break down their bodies and send them to an early, devastatingly expensive grave. People act like there’s no solution to preventable diseases while gorging on sweets, fried foods, fast food, soda and microwave meals. Then they expect doctors to “extend” their lives and extinguish the pain and suffering that comes with making all the wrong consumption choices for decades. These same people simply wonder, “What went wrong?”

So go ahead, grab your fork, head out to the woods, and start digging a six-foot hole, because that’s what you’re doing today and every day that you ignore the most popular food toxins in American food. Go about your haphazard lifestyle of eating “whatever” and expecting MDs and oncologists to spare you the agony later, and see where it gets you.

An inside look at GMOs and pesticides

Ever wonder why so many of today’s seniors can’t even enjoy their retirement and all their savings because they suffer from arthritis, brittle bones and dementia? Pesticides are all over today’s conventional food, on the outside and on the inside. Scientists in laboratories are working hard for Monsanto, Bayer, DuPont, Dow, Cargill and Syngenta to infuse toxic genes in produce that kill insects, animals and humans. Yes, they know.

What kills the weeds, worms and beetles kills the bees, rabbits, lab mice and humans too. Cancer-causing weed killers that contain glyphosate, like Roundup, are sprayed on those “multi-grains” and that conventional “fiber” your MD said you need more of for your “diet.”

Did your grandma, grandpa, mom or dad get diagnosed with liver damage, kidney disease or kidney failure?

Yes, humans are animals, just like the lab rats tested. We have mostly the same DNA and we’re affected in most of the same ways by consuming toxins. There is no doubt about that. There are mountains of scientific evidence and research for proof.

Question: What foodstuff sticks in your gut, rots all the nutrients and then turns preventable disease into an early grave? Answer: Gluten

Yes, you’ve read plenty about the ills of eating gluten, but what you don’t know is this: When you consume gluten, a.k.a. “food glue,” it can remain stuck in your digestive tract for days on end, clogging it up so that whatever you eat afterwards, no matter whether it’s organic or not, gets caught up too, turning into toxins after 24 hours.

Let’s get gross here for a minute to make a point. If your excrement smells unusually foul and it takes you more than a few “wipes” to get clean “down there,” guess what? That’s the gluten and the rotting food toxins trying to escape and taking far too long to do so. Most conventional gluten contains weed killer, bug killer, carcinogenic dough conditioners and genetically modified preservatives like MSG.

Does your fork look more like a shovel? If you’re shoveling gluten into your mouth daily, you’re digging your early grave with it.

Partially hydrogenated oils contain petroleum-based poisons and industrial toxins like hexane

Wait! You thought “organic canola” was healthy? You thought wrong. Most processed vegetable oils are toxic, even canola. Yes, canola comes from rapeseed, which is toxic to all animals, and has to be “deodorized” so it doesn’t stink when you eat it. What do you think the food manufacturers use to remove the smell? They use a vapor constituent of gasoline called hexane. There is no natural plant in nature called canola; it’s man made – a bastard child of rapeseed. Look it up!

The seeds from genetically engineered corn, safflower, soy and canola contain pesticides, so the plants therefore contain pesticides, and then they are sprayed with immense amounts of toxic herbicides just before they are chopped down and taken into the silos for further processing. From field to mouth to early grave, people who consume processed GM oils regularly are digging their own graves with their forks. Ask yourself this question: Does it really matter if an oil is “cold pressed” if it comes from a toxic seed and plant?

Corn sugar or artificial sugar, what’s your poison? Because they’re both killing you softly

Nearly all sugar that’s not organic comes from genetically mutated “Franken-corn” that contains pesticides on the inside and out. From cancer to Alzheimer’s, humans are dying off in record numbers from eating bug killer and weed killer that comes in the form of high fructose corn syrup and processed, refined “white” sugar.

So what’s the popular American alternative? Sweet misery. Nearly every sugar substitute you find in convenience stores, restaurants and diet foods is artificial, synthetic, cancer-causing, irritable bowel-causing nightmares that are concocted in laboratories by scientists who only care about the profits of corporations. From aspartame to sorbitol and sucralose, the mass media lies and says there are no toxic effects, but you should know better. Want sweet food? Just eat organic honey, and less of it.

Start digging your organic home garden instead of your own grave

Get ready. Spring and summer are on the way. Another chance to grow your own unadulterated food. Organic seeds; organic soil; clean, filtered water; no GMOs; no toxic herbicides or pesticides; no Roundup!

Here’s the best place to start with all of that: the Health Ranger Store, chock full of healthy supplies for that fun, yummy home garden.

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